St. Cyprian Parish River Grove, IL

Parish History

St. Cyprian Church began as a mission church in January 1926 and became a parish with its first pastor, Rev. George Stafford, in 1927. The outside of the current St. Cyprian Church building is similar to the buildings at Mundelein Seminary -- red brick and White Bedford stone ala Colonial Williamsburg.  The church, dedicated in 1951, was designed by architect Joseph W. McCarthy and seats 400.  The interior displays beautiful artistry:  The backdrop to the altar is an 18-foot hand-carved mahogany crucifix, designed by artist Sister M. Thomasita, OFM.  Backdrop to the crucifix is a floor-to-ceiling stained glass wall.  The glass wall was designed by artist/parishioner Raymond Toloczko and contains 6,000 hand-cut pieces.  It is the combined work of artist brothers Fathers Richard and Arthur Douaire. The present St. Cyprian School was built in 1955 but has recently undergone renovation and improvement, significantly enhancing the learning environment.  In 2002 the Parish celebrated its 75th year with Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal George as the Mass celebrant.  St. Cyprian Parish is a welcoming and loving community lead by our pastor, Rev. Darrio Boscutti. 


The Life of Our Patron, St. Cyprian

Cyprian was born to parents of a noble family in the early part of the third century. He was well educated and became both a teacher and a professional rhetorician.

A convert from paganism to Catholicism, Cyprian was ordained and appointed to be a bishop within three or four years. Despite the fact that he was not experienced, Cyprian became a leading church official and theologian. He was responsible, conscientious and dedicated: a true shepherd of his flock.

In difficult times, Cyprian guided and encouraged his people, promoting unity and peace. It was during the reign of the Roman Emperor Decius that Christians were commanded to deny their faith. Cyprian not only supported his flock through his letters, but also defended the authority of St. Peter and his successors over the entire Church. His letters to the clergy and laity in his diocese were often concerned with local problems; they enable us to see various aspects of the early Church in action. They are examples to us of his love for Christ and the Church.

Cyprian, then, is honored both as one of the first prominent Latin Christian writers and as a father of the Church. He is further honored by mention of his name during the first Eucharistic Prayer said during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

In 257, while Christians were being persecuted under the Emperor Valerian, Cyprian was beheaded.  He is a martyr for his faith. We celebrate his feast on September 16th.



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