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Parish Fundraisers

Every year St. Cyprian Parish has fundraisers to help defray the cost of running the parish. Watch for special announcements in the Church Bulletin or on the parish/school website.  The following are some of the parish fundraiser events:

Stained Glass Art  St. Cyprian's stained glass wall and windows were designed and created by parishioner Raymond Toloczko and former pastor Father Arthur Douaire as well as his brother Richard. The leftover stained glass has been stored in the church basement until it was recently rediscovered and used as canvas' for these unique pieces of art pictured below.

If you would like to own any of these one of a kind pieces of St. Cyprian history, please contact the rectory at 708-453-4800 to place an order.

Small pieces are 7 X 7 and are $35 the large pieces are 7 X 11 and are $50. Of course if you would like, you can also purchase a plain piece of glass. The small pieces are $15 each and the large pieces are $25 each.

Gifts of the Magi!  As the Three Kings brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Baby Jesus, we ask that parishioners donate their unwanted jewelry and any other items containing gold, silver and platinum.  This collection is done during the month of January as we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany.

New Year's Eve Party is an early celebration, from 6 PM to 8:30 PM.  The party features great food, music and a toast (at 7:30 PM) to bring in the New Year.  This is a FUNraiser!  A good time is had by all.

Please donate: You can donate to our parish online!

Recycling to raise money: Drop paper, magazines, and catalogs in the large yellow and green bins in the parking lot off Erie. No cardboard, plastic bags or chip board please.

Book recycling: Bring any old books in good condition. drop them in the purple bin in the church parking lot off of Erie.

Our Religious Education Center collects old tablets, Kindles and empty ink cartridges for recycling.  This helps defray the cost of expenses for the program.



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